Food does more than just giving us energy – it nourishes us and repairs our cells.

The food choices you make can have a huge impact on the total calories you end up consuming.

The following image illustrates how each meal with the same number of calories but gives a different level of fullness. At a glance, it’s easy to see which type of food we eat leaves room for overeating. Food that are high on the satiety index keeps you full, so you do not overeat.

Similarly, a 400-calorie donut have absolutely zero nutrition compared to a 400-calorie of wholegrain, fibre-rich protein salad bowl. Take every opportunity at every meal to ensure what you are having nourishes your body.

Calorie-counting can have its benefits if done correctly. Your calories just need to have substance. This means a diet low in refined sugar and processed foods, but plentiful in fibre-rich food such as wholegrain, vegetables, nuts, fruits are slower to digest hence keeping hunger at bay.