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While we still can’t provide you dine-in service, our kitchen is still open for takeaway starting tomorrow, 2 June 2020. Treat yourself to some absolute meat-free deliciousness now!

Restricting Diet? Think Twice.

For many people, when they notice that their pants are tighter, their initial response – “to go on a diet or more cardio sessions”. 

They tend to forget that when they are restricting calories, they may also inadvertently restrict the essential nutrients that aids in the proper functioning of our body systems. 

A restrictive dieting approach forms stress to the body.

Instead, stop dieting and start nourishing. In making food choices, always ask yourself – “Will this nourish me?” When you focus on nourishment, you will tend to choose more nutrient-dense whole foods, and reduce your intake on processed, low-nutrient food.

Go Meat-Free With Sufood


Go Meat-Free With Sufood Lunch @ $10++
(Monday – Wednesday)

Choice of Mains
Hawaiian Orzo Pasta with Salsa Salad
Shimeiji Mushroom Pasta with Toona Sauce (with Fruit Salad)

Choice of Beverage
The Very Berry
Kunlun Snow Chrysanthemum Tea
Tropical Fruit Tea
Protein-Rich Black Soymilk

Lunch Promo Period
15 October 2018 till further notice

Not All Calories Are The Same

Food does more than just giving us energy – it nourishes us and repairs our cells.

The food choices you make can have a huge impact on the total calories you end up consuming.

The following image illustrates how each meal with the same number of calories but gives a different level of fullness. At a glance, it’s easy to see which type of food we eat leaves room for overeating. Food that are high on the satiety index keeps you full, so you do not overeat.

Similarly, a 400-calorie donut have absolutely zero nutrition compared to a 400-calorie of wholegrain, fibre-rich protein salad bowl. Take every opportunity at every meal to ensure what you are having nourishes your body.

Calorie-counting can have its benefits if done correctly. Your calories just need to have substance. This means a diet low in refined sugar and processed foods, but plentiful in fibre-rich food such as wholegrain, vegetables, nuts, fruits are slower to digest hence keeping hunger at bay.

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