About Us

Founded in 2010, Sufood is the first vegetarian concept restaurant under WOWPRIME GROUP, the largest F&B operator in Taiwan. Sufood is presently the #1 Vegetarian Chain in Taiwan that is renowned for its stylish and innovative cuisine. Through a joint venture, Sufood launches in Singapore for the very first time at Raffles City in May 2014.

Sufood brings vegetarian dining to a whole new level by using fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy cooking methods to create appealing and delicious dishes.

Our manifesto of using the rule of five:

5-colour groups of vegetables & fruits to give you a variety of nutrients



5 natural spices for an added flavor boost and

5 cooking methods to present you with an utterly gastronomical indulgence!

Our icon, the Taiwan Barbet’s plumage consists of five colors: Green, blue, yellow, red and a black stripe above the eye which resembles its nickname as “Five-colored bird”, which resonates with our five-colored philosophy.